The 'Like Factor' sigh, anyone else feel like they're back at school?

Jul 11, 2022
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The three pillars that underpin Heart to Heart Sales™, are alignment, connection and preparation. 

Your clients' connection with you will increase your sales. Fact.

So, you've probably heard of the 'Know, Like and Trust Factor' - Maybe you've heard that your clients need to know you, need to like you and need to trust you before they buy, that's because your clients have a connection with you when they know, like and trust you. In the last blog I talked about the 'Know Factor', so, here's the rub on the 'Like Factor'.

The 'Like Factor'.

Can I be honest, is this as triggering for you as it sometimes is for me?  I occasionally still feel like the little girl who always felt a bit of an outsider and a bit on the edge of what was happening. Being liked was actually quite a major thing for me, and, sadly, it meant that I behaved in ways that weren't totally authentic. Desperately trying to get 'friends', without really ever having been taught what is was all about. If only I knew then what I know now:

Other people liking me is really is not really something I can do anything about. I just need to be me, I need to stay authentic to myself and what I want for my life, for my family, for my business. I can't be something I'm not, and if I try, I just send out the vibration of inauthenticity.

A note on this, I can strive to be something I'm not today, I can learn new skills, I can learn more about myself, and apply those skills and lessons to my life and business, I can evolve.

The reality is that what we do is unlikely to be unique - the knowledge that we have, isn't unique. It's the combination of our experiences, how we apply and use the knowledge that we have, how we express that to our clients, how we help our clients grow - that combination is the unique thing. For some people I'm just not gonna be their person. I'm just not, I have a different energy to some other people, a different cadence, a different pace, a different understanding of things, a different language that I use that may not resonate with them.

You can't do anything about the like factor, but by doing something about the know factor and then the trust factor, the like comes because people will stay with you if they like you. If they like what you're saying, if they like your vibe, they'll stay with you.

What this doesn't mean is they wouldn't like you as a friend or that you are not worthy of being liked by anybody. Yeah. It just means that for the service that you are offering, you may or may not be the right person for them.

Just breath into this one, or, at least, I'm remining myself to do so! 


 Bye for now, until next time!

 Becky x

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