Alignment with what you want for your client is the sales sweet-spot

Jun 27, 2022
stones in alignment

So, you're in alignment with what you want personally within your business, and you've ensured that your business goals are aligned with this too.

It's now so much easier for you to have a connected conversation with your clients, a sales conversation that is entirely focussed on your client.

You become a vibrational match to attract the right clients in when you know that you have space for them, you know exactly what you've got to offer them, you know the transformation you can offer, you know you can do this (you have the testimonials to prove it!). So, your job now is to ask what's going on for your client, and to decide if that's in alignment with what you've got to offer.

What a wonderful, freeing moment, when you can entirely focus on what your client needs.

You can consider are they the right client for you? Can you help them with what you have to offer? Is the client wanting the transformation that you offer?

When what you offer is what your client wants, and when your client is the type of client you want to work with, then you are in alignment.  All of a sudden, the burden of asking for money, asking for the sale, is removed. Knowing that it’s a fair exchange, knowing that what you've got to offer and what they want are the same thing, at that point, asking for money can be done with ease.

Now I'm not saying it's easy! - because we all know that it still feels a little bit uncomfortable, (even for me), but when I am sure that what I offer my clients is what they want and what they need, it's so much easier for me to stand in ease when asking for money, because it's a fair exchange.

Tip for you: Sometimes I still need to swirl around my head 'I am helping, I am helping, I am helping' before I make the offer. As a heart-led business owner, I want to help people, and this helps remind me that I am doing exactly that!

It's that perfect combination of our vibration, our knowledge, our experience, and our offer that really helps our clients get to where they want to get to.



Bye for now, until next time!

Becky x

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