When your clients know you, they connect with you, and your sales increase

Jul 04, 2022

The three pillars that underpin Heart to Heart Sales™, are alignment, connection and preparation. 

Every single sales conversation that you have with your client can be a connected conversation. That's all there ever needs to be.

Your clients' connection with you will increase your sales. Fact.

You've probably heard of the 'Know, Like and Trust Factor' - Maybe you've heard that your clients need to know you, need to like you and need to trust you before they buy. This is all around your client's connection with you.

I know that sometimes we buy on price, and for other reasons, but if you're reading this you are probably a coach, a consultant, a health and wellness champion, or someone who provides a service for their clients, maybe a membership site, a support group, or you help your clients' transform their lives some-how.

So, let's get into the 'Know Factor'.

You need to be visible to your clients to enable them to buy from you. This might be on social media, this might be face-to-face, but you need to be there, and statistics tell us that you need to be seen at least 7 times before someone buys from you. Building on the 'Know Factor' help you clients come to decisions about whether or not they want to work with you.

Many of us were taught to stay professional, to stay focussed on 'the business' side of things, but the reality is, the more we understand about who we are buying from, the more likely we are to take the plunge and purchase. 

This is why social media can be so valuable, we can 'show up' more often. It might even be our podcast, our blog, or our face to face networking event where we're 'seen' regularly. All of these things help our clients get to know us, get to understand what makes us tick, our vibe, our language, and what we do, from multiple angels.

For many of us, we don't want to share too much of our lives online, we feel uncomfortable with that. That's okay, you can have boundaries around what you share and what you don't share. But when you start dropping in information about who you are, how you operate, what your life's like, what else is going on in your life then that helps build the knowing you side of the 'Know, Like, and Trust Factor'.

So let's take me as an example, when I'm online, I will share about my kitten, he's growing up fast, and I share about the fact that I'm in a house that needs lots of renovation, and I sometimes talk about my struggles, either my past struggles or my current ones as well. I rarely talk about the rest of my family, and that's not because I don't love them or any other reasons other than it's what I've chosen to share. It's okay for you to have the boundaries that you have around the information you share. So don't feel like you have to share everything. Share what feels good, and help your clients get to know you and understand you better. Because from knowing you comes the 'Like Factor' - more on that next time.

Is there anything you can do today that will build on the 'Know Factor', so your clients feel like they know you just that little bit more?



Bye for now, until next time!

 Becky x

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