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Jun 18, 2022

I've started this blog because some of you love to listen to my podcast, and some prefer to browse and read. I believe that those of you who are in business for yourselves deserve financial success. And it's quite possible that you can literally change someone's life with what you do yet. Business skills and sales skills are often taught in a way that just isn't in alignment to what you want for your clients, for yourself or for your business.

We want to be helpful. We want to connect with our clients. We want to be aligned with our values and it can feel really difficult to stand out and to attract paying clients. And in addition, many of us were brought up to dim our light. I don't know if you ever had "don't talk too much", "don't show off", "be quiet", "stop being a smarty pants", but I sure did!

And then, even when we do show up, we're taught to it in a masculine way. And no wonder our businesses don't thrive when we're not taught all of the skills for our success. Let's face it, selling skills have such an awful reputation - manipulative, uncomfortable, slimy, and yet we only think this because of the people that we've encountered who sell that way.

Yes! That's the only reason we think sales is like that. 

When we buy from people we've connected with, we never ever feel that way, even though the likelihood is that they have used sales skills during their interactions with us, we just feel so great buying from them we don't even notice the 'selling' at that point. That's why I'm here. Sales skills are just another business skill, it's not a personality trait

I want you to know that when you sell, you can always be aligned to who you are, connected with your clients, aligned with how you want to do business, and strengthen your wildly successful future self - because that's what changes lives.

So this is Heart to Heart Sales™, The Blog - I am Becky Colwell, sales professional, eventually turned entrepreneur, and I want to empower you to have the skills and the mindset that will underpin your success. So if that sounds good to you, please subscribe to the blog, and perhaps sign up for my newsletter too!.

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Becky x

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