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Your business deserves to thrive.

So do your clients.

So do you.

If you're done stumbling over asking for money, and you're ready for Yes Please with Ease - call me!

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Testimonial for Heart to Heart Sales

Testimonial - JI

Working with Becky allowed me to focus on my discovery call strategy - and the wisdom she revealed helped me understand where I'm able to sharpen up my communication of my offer and show my understanding of what my clients need.

If you want to stop hiding behind $27 offers, and you're ready to get into real conversations with your clients - call me

With training and coaching so that you attract the

Yes Please with Ease™

Visualise, just a few weeks from now:


Confidently having discovery calls that flow, where you connect with your clients in just the right way to attract their business.

Knowing every step of the way you're doing the right thing for them, and the right thing for you too.

Being prepared and vibrationally ready for the yes.

Knowing that every client who needs you has the best opportunity to buy, because you've engaged with them in they way they need.

No more hiding your light, it's shining bright.

You're able to make your offer with ease every single time.

Your new found words around your offer are positively impacting your copy and your social media posts.

You're celebrating that special sale you've been hoping for.


That transformation starts now!

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What's included?

Training modules - 2 live coaching sessions


Client Conversations - The Sales is Service    discovery call framework

(Which is exactly what it says on the tin!).

You can implement this effective, client-focussed, framework immediately.

Even as you're diving deeper into the training, and honing your skills in the live sessions, the Sales is Service framework allows you to immediately make improvements to the flow of your conversations with your clients.

Which immediately increases your opportunity for the yes.


Perfect Pricing

Pricing is often a sticking point for heart-centred entrepreneurs.

We're so conscious of giving value, and of helping, we can sometimes undervalue ourselves.

This module gives you strategies for ensuring your pricing is right for you today, so that you energetically attract during your conversations. 


Beyond Benefits

You might have heard about Features and Benefits, this module helps you go beyond these, not only helping your conversations resonate with your clients, but enhancing your copy too.

Making sure that everything we talk about is about the client.


Helpful Hesitations

Remember that a not sure is all about your client, not you!

This module is not about persuasion, it's about curiosity, coaching and compassion.

This module ensures that you address any client concerns before the end of your conversation, so that if they need you, you don't leave them behind.

Sales (without selling) Skills

Everything that we do within Heart to Heart Sales is underpinned by three pillars:

Alignment, Connection, Preparation

Introducing the surprising skills that underpin those connected conversations, AND give you buying clients.

1-2-1 live coaching sessions

2 sessions that elevate your learning and allow you to implement what you've learned.

Game changing exercises, workshops and practice sessions.

Actionable steps.

Real life conversation, questions and answers that are relevant to you today.

Hi  I'm Becky x

(In case we haven't met).

I believe you change lives, yes, really! Whether you're guiding your clients' fitness, or opening their hearts, saving them time or sharing skills, the change in their actions will change their lives (remember, just one degree difference in direction takes you miles from the original destination).

I'm a business owner, a wife, a house renovator, an occasional dress-maker, and, when the stars align, a traveller too. One of my grand-daughters wrote "my Nanny B loves adventures and crafting", (oh that made my heart full).

I'm also an ex-sales professional (15+ years, and always in the top 3 spot *blush*), ex-business analyst, ex-contractor and ex-corporate girl.

It's my belief that the only time anyone notices sales is when it's done badly. When we have connected conversations about something that we're interested in, we never notice the 'selling' bit. Heart to Heart Sales was founded so that every purpose driven entrepreneur can learn sales skills, stay aligned with their values and connected with their clients.

Why do I do what I do? because heart-centred business owners deserve to thrive financially whilst they change lives.

Becky, I'd love the yes please with ease


If you invest, and then feel it's not right for you, then let me know within 14 days, and I'll refund for you, no quibble x


Yes Please with Ease

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